Our SEO and Digital Marketing Company in Auckland, Serving the Whole of New Zealand

“Good day to you, internet searcher, we’ve been expecting you.”

We knew this day would come. To be honest, we’ve been planning it for some time; in fact, since May 2019 (you see, we’re an honest group of SEO Consultants).

We knew that some people or businesses would need our expertise in the field of online marketing in Auckland, New Zealand. Or more accurately, businesses seeking help with SEO in Auckland (or search engine optimisation for the full name).

How could we possibly know that a potential customer would come through our doors and visit our online business?

Research – several hours of keyword research to be exact. After the research comes the importance of planning; planning the domain name, the basic URL structure of Weka SEO, planning each page’s content from page titles to images.

You see, in the world of search engines, we needed to find out what phrases related to SEO people were searching. We then constructed our website pages to tie in precisely with those SEO-related searches. That way, we’ve been able to capture as many phrases as possible in the search engines and be listed for hundreds of search terms relative to our business and services across New Zealand, not just Auckland.

The premise of our website would be assuming that people would search for SEO-related phrases in Auckland, or SEO services in New Zealand. If they found a website at the top of Google, they would automatically feel that this company would have a very good idea on how to rank on Google.

If a digital marketing agency has good ranking positions on Google, it’s likely that they could be a good fit, which means you’ll expect them to have the experience and knowledge to rank your business well, no?

We know the answer to this question, but what do you think? If you’re not convinced so far, then read on.

Why Ranking in Search Engines Is Very Important

Google is the #1 referrer of internet traffic, and it has been for several years. To consider having an online business and not incorporating any form of SEO in your marketing plan is not the best idea. The lifeblood of any internet business is traffic, or more specifically ‘targeted traffic’.

What we mean by ‘targeted traffic’ is traffic or visitors who will land on your website and take action to contact you. The reason they contact you is that they were searching for you in the first place and were actively searching for your services.

It’s these visitors that bring new sales and revenue to your business. And we all know what happens to a business that can’t bring in sales and revenue?

As a percentage of visitor traffic, how important is Google?

In short, VERY important. Look at this image by clicking here.

Nearly 85% of web users search on Google, Google Maps or Google Images. They search for answers and products on Google; they search for everything on Google.

To consider online marketing for your business and NOT consider utilising Google Ads and Organic SEO, would be akin to killing off your business there and then.

You need them; they dominate the market. PERIOD.

Which SEO Companies Are Right for You and Your Business?

We admit, there are a lot of SEO businesses in Auckland, each trying to grab your attention and tell you that they are the best. But have you ever wondered home many digital marketing companies have set themselves up to target an ideal phrase for SEO Services in Auckland?

Let’s take the obvious phrase ‘SEO Auckland’ and see what the levels of competition are.

If we search on Google, using the following search string ‘allintitle’ and ‘allinurl’, we get a good perspective of how competitive it is in Auckland:

Google Search for SEO Auckland Meta Title

Google Search for SEO Auckland URL


You can see that there are nearly 130 websites on Google, all wanting to rank for that main phase by using their Meta Title. There are over 150 websites competing for the same phrase by using their URL.

That’s plenty of businesses targeting that phrase!

The Same Test for New Zealand

You can then apply the same for the whole of New Zealand and conduct the same search, but this time use ‘SEO New Zealand’, here are the results:


More SEO agencies are willing to compete for Auckland than for the whole of New Zealand. Yet there is still a high search volume for SEO related terms for New Zealand, such as, ‘SEO company NZ’, ‘SEO services New Zealand’ and ‘search engine optimisation NZ’.

Given the level of competition, especially in Auckland, how can you tell which of the so-called ‘SEO Experts’ are best suited for your business?

Remember, you will effectively be handing over the keys of your marketing operations to another business, so it’s important to choose wisely.

Picking the Best SEO Firm in Auckland, New Zealand

The first and foremost decision you need to take to ensure that your choice is the most suitable would be to look at an independent rankings report of the company in question. How well does the SEO specialist company who’ve approached you rank on Google and the other search engines?

  • Did they approach you, or did you find them by searching for SEO services in the Auckland area?
  • Have they got multiple ranking positions for several different keywords on Google for their own business?
  • Do they come across as credible when you meet them?
  • Are they based in New Zealand and is their work conducted in New Zealand?

Tip: If you’ve found them on page 1 for the targeted keyword on Google, it’s a good sign. If you’ve looked at their rankings in SEMrush and found that they have hundreds of rankings for SEO-related phrases, then you’re good to meet with them.

If you need more advice on how to find a good team of SEO consultants, then read more about the signs of a reputable SEO company on our dedicated page.

How Will You Know You’ve Chosen a Good SEO Company?

You won’t, initially. They might have a very good sales team if they’ve contacted you. If you’ve reached out to them because of the high search ranking positions, then it’s likely you have chosen a good company to work with.

However, to have a good idea about their work quality, you need to think about what constitutes a good standard of work.

Have they done, or provided you, with the following:

  • Asked for a list of your target search terms for your services?
  • Asked for online competitors?
  • Asked for an SEO budget? They need to know (all niches are different – the bigger the budget, the more effective your SEO will be)
  • Given you an overall SEO audit of where things stand at present with your website compared to your competitors?
  • Provided realistic ranking results and timeframes?
  • Stated how tricky ranking might be, given your budget (if low)?
  • Conducted rankings for you at present?

For an effective SEO campaign, you need to work in junction with your SEO agency. This is especially pertinent to a Google Ads campaign.

What Type of SEO Services Do You Need?

An experienced SEO digital marketing agency with a high level of client understanding will be able to understand their clients’ needs and decipher everything before meeting a client. It’s their role to highlight everything in a language that is understandable for all parties.

We aim to do that at Weka SEO. We will not try to confuse and obfuscate you in the same way a firm of lawyers might with legal phrases and terms that are only relevant to lawyers. SEO has its phrases and language, and only a small fraction of people on the planet understand everything.

Luckily, for our clients, we are part of that community.

A One-time SEO Audit?

If you read our page on SEO auditing, you will understand that it’s a lengthy task. A task that cannot be considered low cost when done thoroughly.

It is a task, however, that a business owner may choose to conduct periodically. This is to obtain an independent perspective of how well the SEO has been conducted, or if there are possibilities to do it better.

This is something we automatically do with all our new clients who opt to use our services for ongoing SEO campaigns.

If your business conducts its marketing, then you may be interested in our SEO auditing services. It will provide your business with an SEO evaluation.

Once performed, and once we’ve provided you with an evaluation, we then can move forward with options to increase your SEO exposure (if required). This might include onboarding to Weka SEO and become part of our SEO clients or might involve a consulting period. SEO consulting might involve a full day presentation, or perhaps a period of consulting to educate and advise your in-house marketing teams.

SEO Consulting

Our consulting services are not for every business and should only be considered if your business operates its in-house marketing team. They are conducted by our in-house SEO expert, who will work with your marketing team, or your SEO team within your company.

We find businesses who opt for our SEO consulting services have more than 100 employees. They predominately want to keep their marketing within their marketing teams.

We advise on the ideal tools that your team need to conduct their services and what they need to do to compete and beat their competitors to the top of Google.

For more information, please visit our SEO Consulting Services page.

Or A Long-term SEO Campaign

Our consulting services may not suit every business, but the most common option our clients choose is ongoing SEO campaigns. This consists of both a mixture of on-page SEO services and off-page SEO services. We take over the management of both aspects and give monthly updates and ranking reports of the website progress.

Why do most companies choose this option? It’s simple — SEO takes ages to learn and master, it’s a dynamic skill set that changes. Most companies do not have the time, nor resources to consider learning and deploying a new skill. They could be lawyers, accountants, air conditioning installers, mechanics, but their field of expertise is not website design and internet marketing.

Companies want to concentrate on developing their skills in their profession and do not want to have to hire internal staff, train them and provide them with a monthly marketing budget of at least $1000. It’s not cost-effective.

It’s far more cost-effective to outsource the monthly SEO work to an experienced team of SEO experts. Even charging $3000/month would be far cheaper than taking the operation in-house.

What SEO Techniques Are Used and How Does SEO Compare Across Countries?

SEO used to be simple; you simply bought the Exact Match Domain for the keyword you wanted to rank for and then wrote that down several times on the home. Guess what, you ranked #1, got all the traffic and made the most money; easy, simple!

Google has got smarter; it learnt and evolved its method to rank websites.

The algorithm devalued spammy websites, then spammy links, then mass links and now wants relative links from related websites. It slowed down the time it took to rank websites from days to weeks, to now several months and even over a year for highly competitive niches.

Google wants you to give up on SEO and use their Google Ads – because Google wants your hard-earned money!

If you know how the algorithm operates and can find patterns on Google, for both on-page and off-page links, then you can move forward. You can rank.

In short, we deploy and use SEO techniques that Google favours and ‘swim with the current’ and not ‘against it’. That means we can rank your website. We understand those patterns and deploy our methods to work with the Google algorithm. It took a long time and effort, but we’ve got there.

Ethical Services from Weka SEO

There is a level of integrity that we aim to adhere to and not conduct anything that could be considered unethical.

We operate in a country that has been voted one of the most ethical and responsible countries to conduct business. We want to keep the highest standards as possible.

Visit our page on ethical SEO services.

Finding A Good SEO Agency, What to Avoid?

We’ve already advised you of the checkpoint list that you need to consider when looking for a good SEO company. You also need to be aware of what to look out for to avoid bad SEO businesses. There are tell-tale signs of a company that offers certain levels of services, packages and guarantees that we would advise avoiding.

    • Packages – This option simply doesn’t work for SEO. Every niche requires different levels of attention, link strength and a total of links. Because each niche is unique, you cannot assign or group together a standard ‘price’ across all niches – this makes no sense.
    • Hours Per Month – Avoid any company who states this. Again, it makes no sense with SEO. Some niches may require several highly powerful links to compete and the cost will be more than $1000 a link, yet only take 3 hours to set up 5 links. Whereas there might be another client, who needs around hundred low-cost links built gradually over a few months taking 50 hours and a lower budget.
    • #1 Position Guaranteed – No one can guarantee this statement, and the reasons are obvious. Imagine you’re in a competitive niche, and you have negative SEO applied to your website and lose your #1 ranking? How can you guarantee this is not happening? Likewise, you might be in a competitive niche, and there are several firms and businesses all using SEO services. This could mean that the 1# position may only be achievable at a few times throughout the year. And Google can always change things – out of any SEO agencies control!
    • Low-cost Agencies – If you’re serious about your business and want the best SEO companies running your SEO campaigns, then why scupper on cost? Would you think by going cheap you’ll get a ‘great deal’? To effectively conduct an SEO campaign, you need a minimum budget; otherwise, you simply will not compete. In some niches, the minimum may be mid to high four figures a month.
  • Prices Straight Away – If you ask for a cost per month for SEO and you get an answer straight away from a company, it is not a good sign at all. This tells you that the company you’ve approached has put no thought, research or investigations into what is required. It is like asking a building company – How much does it cost to build a house? They need to know:
    • How big the house is going to be?
    • How many rooms?
    • How many floors?
    • Where do you intend to build the house (on a hill or flat ground)?
    • What do you want in the house? Swimming pool, gym?
    • What level of specification is needed?
    • What windows do you want?
    • What finish?
    • When to start building?

There are several different variables to consider when building a house. This is what we, as Auckland SEO Consultants, need to ask and consider before even generating monthly marketing investment.

The best answer you need to hear from any agency that you approach is:

“It Depends”

What We Need to Consider When Analysing Any SEO Campaign for Your Website

Determining IF SEO is the most viable method for your marketing budget boils down to specific factors which we will ask you to consider:

  • Do you need results quickly? SEO takes a long time. Can you wait for the results? If not, then we would suggest that you turn your attention to Google Ads.
  • How old is your website? If young (less than 6 months) then we would advise SEO will take longer. We need to be cautious with our links to ensure nothing negative is triggered.
  • We need to find out how competitive your industry is. This could mean the difference in the time it takes to get to page one.
  • Do you have the budget to seriously compete in your niche? We ask our clients to be honest when they approach our services. You get what you pay for; if you have a bigger budget, then we can achieve a lot more.
  • How many pages are on the website?
  • How much content is on the website?
  • How many links does the website have?
  • Have you had another SEO Internet Marketing work on your website? We’ll need to figure what they’ve done if anything and possible rectifying their work if required.

Comparing SEO as a Marketing Method – How Does It Stack Up?

You are here on this website, as you’ve come to search for a company that provides digital marketing services in Auckland for a reason. You want to expand your business online; you want to find more about SEO and if it’s the most suitable marketing method for your business.

But let’s examine other options for marketing your business in comparison to SEO and see how they compare:

************Table to be entered and Content to be double-checked**************

Average Costs? Targeted Audience Total Audience High Conversions?
Television Ads Highest cost Not targeted Largest audience Low conversion rate
Radio Ads High Cost Not targeted Large audience Low conversion rate
Facebook Ads Small, but can be bigger and you set your budget accordingly Can be placed in front of people specifically likely to be interested in purchasing product, or interested in product Medium Audience, semi-controlled Medium Level of Conversions – targeted
News Paper Ads Relatively high cost, not as expensive as Television or Radio Not in front of target audience Large Audience Low Level of Conversions
Google Ads You set your budget Highly targeted audience – specifically looking for services/products Small Audience, specifically targeted High Level of Conversions
SEO Organic Listings Various depends on industry and niche Highly targeted audience – specifically looking for services/products Larger audience than Google Ads, but specifically targeted. High Level of Conversions

************Table to be entered and Content to be double-checked**************

How Does SEO Work?

There is a process; it is refined with every Google algorithm update that rolls out, but the fundamentals are largely identical now.

Google has made their algorithm smarter and is now deploying a system called RankBrain. RankBrain aims to figure out what you mean from your search query. It figures this out without you entering a target keyword phrase – that’s clever and it is the future.

However, the fundamental process is still the same.

We Start with Keywords and Research

Research; we need to investigate what phrases work best for your business, and if those phrases are suitable ones for your business to attract the right visitors that can generate more leads.

We need to start with a group of seed keywords from you.

We ask you what would someone type into a search engine when looking for your products and services? It’s from here that we’re able to create an overall picture of how the website should be structured, from both the URL structure and the internal links point of views.

We go into depth on our keyword research page if you want to find out more information.

Covering On-page Optimisation and Back Links

Knowing what the ideal terms are to rank on Google is the starting point, but we need to ensure that those terms are in the correct place for Google to find you.

Not only do we need to ensure that they are in the right place on each page on your website. We need to ensure that the current way your website has been set up doesn’t appear to be an overzealous use of the target keywords.

Triggering an on-page penalty isn’t advisable!

Considering at this stage we’ve known your target keywords. We need to investigate the anchor text ratios that were created or have been created previously to your website.

Has there been a direct attempt to rank for the target keywords by the previous marketing company? If so, we may run into problems and your website might be in the ‘Google naughty box’.

Being Nosey, Being Curious

We need to look at your links, but we also need to gather a picture of what your competitor links look like.

What do their anchor text ratios look like? Where have they got their links from? Can we replicate those links?

This is all part of our planning process. Some of these links will require a cost to obtain and this will part of your monthly SEO budget.

In conjunction with examining your competitor’s links, we need to see how they’ve created and set up their websites, page by page.

Looking at Other Factors of Your Website

Lastly, we need to cover all the technical factors that ensure that your website runs quickly and smoothly for Google to crawl without any errors.

Our auditing software collects this data, and we use Google Search Console to find everything about your website.

Our Other Services – A Complete Package

As you may have guessed now, this website has been built solely to target the SEO market in New Zealand and Auckland. It is heavily weighted with content and services related to search engine optimisation.

However, there are several other services that we undertake which can be integrated into your business:

  • Website Design
  • CRM Integration – Managing and monitoring your sales; complete tracking solution
  • PPC Management – Using Google Ads effectively
  • Social Media Marketing – This generates a proportion of leads.
  • E-mail Marketing
  • E-commerce Development

Do You Want to Walk Further into Wonderland?

If you’ve come this far, do you want to know more? We’ll leave with this quote from one of our favourite films:

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.”

You either take the Blue Pill and forget all about what you’ve just read or take the Red Pill and continue your journey – which shall you choose?

Image of Blue Pill – Link to Google Imagine of Red Pill – Contact Page

N.B.: The longer you wait to start any form of Google advertising, the more your competitors are going to move in front of your business. The race is a marathon to continually secure that targeted traffic.

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