Our Professional SEO Services for Businesses in New Zealand – By Weka SEO

Getting the right visitors to your website is the key to any successful online business marketing campaign.

But how do you get the right visitors? Perhaps you’ve built a fantastic looking website, with great design and graphics. Your website may be far better than your competitors’ websites, which are out-of-date, but will the right visitors will come to your website?

We hate to tell you this, but that is not going to bring you a hoard of visitors eager to purchase your services or products.

What a well-planned and designed website might do is convert the visitors to act – i.e. contact you, either by phone or email. This is only a small part of the whole picture of utilising the internet as a driving force for your online marketing efforts.

You need to ensure that your website receives visitors who are searching for the services that you provide.

These visitors will be highly valuable; they are arriving with the right mindset and are far more likely to make contact with you.

So, what’s the trick to achieving ideal traffic?

You’ve guessed it – reach out to a company that provides internet marketing services for businesses in New Zealand.

If You Build It, They Will Come, Surely?

Have you ever seen the film ‘Field of Dreams’, where the main character Ray Kinsella, played by Kevin Costner, keeps on hearing the phrase:

“If you build it, they will come.”

Ray owns a corn farm in Iowa, and he eventually builds a baseball field in the middle of one of his cornfields. Once built, ghosts of famous baseball players start to arrive and play games of baseball.

Now, wouldn’t it be great if you simply build a great looking website and suddenly ideal visitors started appearing? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Without an SEO agency overseeing your website and ensuring that the pages are aligned to target the right traffic, your website will not start generating leads.

If you’re not engaging in an efficient search engine optimisation plan, you will not create an online asset that provides leads for your business.

Why Use Search Engine Optimisation?

We get asked this all the time, ‘Why do we need SEO services to start generating leads for our business online?’

Let us give you this recent statistic of the highest percentage of website-referring traffic:

Search Engine Percentages

As you can see, Google trumps ALL competitors by nearly a factor of 10. If you want to grow your business online, and you’re not thinking about using Google, then you’ve handicapped your online business. You’re effectively leaving 60% of all traffic online traffic sources off the table.

Not to consider using Google as a primary referring tool is akin to building a fantastic hotel with fantastic views and great staff but deciding on not marketing the hotel at all. How are you going to attract the visitors you need to fill your hotel without using Google?

Using search engines to attract the right type of visitors is the best marketing investment you can make as an online business. There is no other method online that comes close!

We’ve established now that if you wish to have your business attracting targeted visitors online, your website needs to be marketing in Google – PERIOD.

The next question to ask: Why use Weka SEO?

Why Use the SEO Experts at Weka SEO?

We’re assuming that you’ve found us by searching for something related to SEO servicing or SEO consulting services. Perhaps you landed on one of the targeted city pages in New Zealand, and you’re curious to know the services we provide?

If you’ve found us this way, then that alone is proof that we know what we’re doing – no?

With over 10 years’ experience in digital marketing, Weka SEO is part of an online community of some of the best SEO consultants on the planet. Meaning, if you were to consider working with us, you would be working with the knowledge of over 500 SEO consultants on the planet. Several members of the online community hold hundreds of #1 ranking positions for SEO-related phrases across the whole of the USA – the most competitive country when SEO is considered.

We have knowledge and expertise, and know-how that’s needed to provide real results for our clients’ businesses, whether it’s big, medium or small.

Here Is a Run Down of Our Search Engine Optimisation Services

We need to consider several factors that help us understand how well your website functions compared to your competitors; if your website has been set up the best possible way to rank for the target keywords.

Keyword Research – Before we undertake any SEO campaign, we need to start with the fundamentals. This is truly the starting point — we need to know what the targeted keywords are. We need you to advise us some basic seed keywords so that we can start researching other keywords to be incorporated into the website. We take this very seriously as it can make a difference between success and failure of any SEO campaign. We aim to target as many keywords as possible. For further information, visit our Keyword Research page.

Competitor Analysis – In any race, you need to know how you’re doing against your competitors, don’t you? Imagine SEO as a long race that NEVER ends, and your competitors have a head start on you, or perhaps they haven’t started the race. Either way, we need to find as many of your competitors as possible for a few reasons. The first is to find out what keyword phrases they too are ranking for. The second, which is more important, is what links do they have pointing to their website? Both are necessary to be able to run an effective campaign.

SEO Auditing – After we’ve established suitable target phrases, we can then consider how the phrases are organised on each of the target landing pages. Along with search phrases, we need to consider several factors when considering an SEO audit. We look at website speed, the size of each page, whether there are any on-page broken links or over-optimised pages. We have a very long checklist for our auditing. If you’re curious to know more, read Weka SEO Auditing Services.

Consulting – We understand that you may be a larger business and therefore not be so willing to ‘outsource’ your marketing to an outside business. However, you want to be sure that your marketing teams are following the most effective and modern SEO techniques that need to be incorporated into your website. We understand this and want to incorporate our knowledge to help those businesses. We provide SEO consulting options for those businesses seeking premium services without the desire to commit to long-term monthly plans. For more information about our consulting services, visit our SEO Consulting page.

On-page SEO – This works in conjunction with our SEO Auditing Services. We look to ensure that there are no technical issues with your website and that your website outperforms your competitor websites from an on-page perspective. To do this, we need to run a scan of your competitors’ websites and their on-page tactics and beat them. We’ll figure out the inner linking structure of other websites and look to at least replicate that for your website.

Please bear in mind that in competitive niches, better ‘on-page’ tactics alone will not be enough to think about beating your competitors’ rankings in the search engines. You will need to conduct an ongoing SEO campaign of link building.

Link Building – We’ve already mentioned the need for link building campaigns. If you’re serious about beating your competitors and taking the traffic that they currently receive, then you must use our ongoing monthly SEO service.

There are no identical niches, no identical link building patterns in SEO. However, some niches are significantly more competitive than other niches, and this means consistent attention is required to gain and maintain rankings.

International SEO – For those clients that are considering ranking in multiple countries, in multiple languages, you need to consider International SEO.

This tactic is for international companies and will only apply to those with significant SEO marketing budgets.

Google Penalty Recovery Service – Has your website been hit by a Google penalty? There are reasons why a website may be suffering from a Google penalty. We need to figure out the main issues before considering rectifying the penalty. We start with an in-depth analysis of your website and its on-page content. Then look at the state of ALL the inbound links that have been made to your website. Once accumulated, we create and resubmit a reconsideration request to Google.

Website Designing – On top of our main SEO services, we also create highly effective modern and stylish website designs for businesses. This could be a service business or an exceptionally large eCommerce business. We cater for all prospects!

Visit our page on Website Design Service for further information.

PPC Management – You will know by now that Google is the #1 referrer of most of the internet traffic to websites. This is from organic listings, Google Maps or Google Ads. Google Ads accounts for 5-8% of the targeted traffic from Google. Therefore, it would be unwise not to consider this an addition to your online marketing efforts. We highly recommend that you start with Google Ads and use them in conjunction with SEO to maximise the targeted traffic that can be sent directly to your website.

We provide PPC management for different kinds of clients. To find out more, visit our Google Ads Service page.

Weka SEO – Setting the Stage for Long-term Online Prosperity

Hopefully, you’ve noticed that we haven’t considered making statements that indicate ‘instant online’ success and providing guarantees on ranking quickly within Google. Such statements would have been feasible, say, in 2010 or 2012, but not now. Effective SEO takes time to deliver and ensure that Google treats your website with the highest regard in your niche.

Take wekaseo.co.nz, for example. We decided to tackle the SEO niche seriously across the whole of New Zealand in May 2019. We were fully aware that the return from our efforts will be minimal for several months, knowing it will take many months before we see a return for efforts. But we never gave up; we knew our methods were solid and would yield a return.

There are many ‘self-proclaimed’ SEO consultants in New Zealand and Auckland that guarantee high rankings within a short time. This simply isn’t possible.

Not only is SEO not a ‘quick-fix’, but it’s also something that cannot be abandoned. You need to keep working on it to compete; and in that case, it’s an ongoing business.

Imagine this: You find the best spot in town to display a billboard that openly advertises your services, and the people viewing that billboard is people specifically looking for your services. Why would you ever consider removing the billboard, or letting competitors take control of that billboard space (taking your #1 rankings)? You will need to guard that billboard, to ensure that no other competitor steals the space.

By partnering with Weka SEO, rest assured that we look first to capture the best billboard space, then we’ll maintain your ownership of that billboard. To keep that advertising space, we need to keep on working for you. The longer you partner with us, the better rankings you’re going to get. To keep with the billboard analogy, we will be effectively building a fortress around the billboard, preventing your competitors from taking it away from you.

Why Wait Another Minute?

If you’re not doing or haven’t considered incorporating SEO into your online marketing strategy, then you might have waved a ‘white flag’ in the direction of your competitors. They are getting the business you’re not targeting! They are winning the SEO race every day against you.

The sooner you hire us to develop a solid SEO strategy for your business, the quicker you can start putting your business in front of your target audience searching your businesses.

We are ready when you reach out to us, so go ahead – Contact Us.