Why You Need to See What Your Competitors Are Doing, Both On- and Off-page

If you have a website and want to get targeted visitors to the website to generate leads, then you need to consider how you’re going to get those visitors. One short-term method is to use Google Ads; another is to think about organic SEO. This is the long-term method.

But with organic SEO, you need to think about what ideal phrases are that you want to target. How do you do that?

You start by thinking about your competitors and what they are doing. That’s a good starting point.

At Weka SEO, we understand that your online competitors hold the key to many different phrases that can be targeted. Using our advanced software, we will analyse the best keywords and phrases for your businesses.

Your Business Needs to Be on Page 1 of Google – Period!

When you search on Google for a service, you are presented with 10 organic listings, each with their page titles and descriptions. It’s your choice as a searcher to read through the description and decide which website looks to be the most relevant to what you’re searching for. Have you ever decided to go to page 2?

You may sometimes if you cannot find what you’re looking for on page 1.

98% of the traffic stays on page 1 – you need your business to be on that page!

There is good news for you, as a business owner. The ten organic spots Google displays on its home page are not on page 1 by random. Their algorithm, which determines the rankings, is predictable when viewed by someone with experience.

If you know what Google is looking for and you give Google exactly what it is looking for, guess what? Your website will rank highly in the search results, provided the phrases aren’t highly competitive.

The Google algorithm looks at many different factors to determine where each website should rank, and there are over 200 ranking factors. For starters, your website must load under 3 seconds. It must contain useful content above the fold. The images must be optimised and properly sized.

Google doesn’t care if your website is packed with flashy animation or not. It doesn’t care if your website’s colour is blue or yellow. What Google does is to make sure its search results display relevant content that is useful to the search users. This is where we come into play; we find out what Google likes by examining competitors, and we look to use that information and replicate it.

Who are Your Online Competitors?

This is a question we always ask our potential clients – who are your competitors?

However, most of the time, they only consider their offline competitors, who are, more often than not, larger businesses with multiple locations throughout New Zealand. They rarely consider their online competitors.

What businesses need to be aware of is that a large offline business might not have a good online presence. Therefore, they can be beaten by utilising an experienced team of search engine optimisation marketers who understand how search engines work.

What Are Your Online Competitors Doing to Conquer Google?

An experienced and knowledgeable team of SEO consultants working for a digital marketing agency will be able to know how to go behind the scenes of a competitor’s website. They will examine the inbound links of a website and determine which links are the most suitable to copy for your website.

That’s exactly what we do – not only do we research the keywords, but we also research the links for each competitor website.

By finding this important information, we can place your website in a position to follow suit, then eventually do better than your competitors. Overall, this will give your website far greater exposure on the internet for targeted keywords, resulting in more customers and higher revenue for your business.

What Website Factors Do We Look At?

1. Moving Forward from Initial Keyword Research

When compiling the list of keywords and phrases that describe your business, we’ll conduct Google searches. These searches provide us with a list of other websites that are ranking for your desired phrases – these are your online competitors. We create a list of websites that are ranking for your desired keywords and add in a list of phrases that you may not have heard of.

2. Your Online Competitors

Having created a list of competitors, we then will delve further into the phrases that they are looking to rank for on their website pages – on-page analysis.

We’ll be able to pick out desired keywords and possible additional ideal keywords that haven’t been previously thought of being targeted. Some of the long-tail phrases will be easier to rank for, and without targeting them, you will be effectively leaving money on the table.

3. What Are Your Competitors Doing?

This is where we step up a level in reverse engineering and put our experience to use. We use advanced software to examine what keyword phrases each of those clients are ranking for, what methods they are using to obtain those rankings.


NAP is an acronym for Name Address and Phone. Google uses this information to see where your
business is listed across several directories, collectively known as ‘citations’.

We will research your competitors’ NAP presence and see what they are doing and where their citations are currently displayed for the Google bots. We can then determine what needs to be done to beat your competitors in this field.

These are just a fraction of the valuable services a good SEO agency can provide for you. The data that is available from our SEO Competitive Analysis Report will permit you to take stock of where your website is at the moment. It then gives you a road map of where it can go with our SEO services.

Also, by providing you with this information, we are then able to see what your competitors are doing to rank in front of you. You will now know what needs to be done to move onto page 1 of Google and eventually take one of the top spots. With additional SEO work, you could then think about having multiple properties help on page 1 for your targeted keywords.

Get in Touch and be Found Online!

If you’re a small- or medium-sized business in New Zealand and want to expand your online presence, then contact us. We have the knowledge and experience to put your website in the right direction and increase your sales. We’ll be able to find out where you sit in comparison to your online competitors. And most importantly, figure out what your competitors are doing with their websites.

If you’re a larger business and you have your own of website marketers, you may consider our SEO Consultancy Services. We provide daily consulting advice for larger businesses for an overview of what is the best way forward for your business.