Conquering the Local Market – Dominate the Maps, Leverage Local Traffic

A lawyer, an accountant, a physical trainer, a local dog walker. All these professions will benefit from local listings on Google Maps. Why? Simple. How many of you have conducted the following searches on Google and been presented with a local ‘Maps’ option? How about:

  • Commercial lawyer Auckland City
  • Accounting firm near Albany
  • Dog walkers near me
  • Physical trainer for mums in North Shore

In each of the above search strings, the searcher is providing Google with information about their location.

Even the ‘Gog walkers near me’ option tells Google to look at your IP address and use that to determine where you are physically based.

If you’re not listed on Google Maps at all, you can grow your business considerably by utilising this marketing method.

Are you ready to grow your business online? Then local Maps listings are a good way to start your marketing.

What is Your Google Maps Marketing Strategy?

It’s quite simple really; you need to inform Google of what your business is and where you’re located.

Google will then make a note to list your business into their Maps listings when someone searches for your services nearby.

The number-1 factor Google uses to place the ranking on the Maps listings is your proximity to the business!

But this isn’t the ONLY factor that Google uses. In competitive niches, you’ll find that more is required to obtain a position within the Maps.

How to Improve Your Rankings with Google My Business?

How are local customers finding your business? Or, more importantly, how are they finding your competitors’ businesses? Are they finding them via Google Maps?

Go to Google and type in a phrase or service that is related to your business and then the location that you want to be found in. For instance, search for ‘accountants in Tauranga’ and you will find a list of 3 businesses Google feels they want to display on the Maps for this phrase.

If you’re an accounting firm that is operating in Tauranga, you’ll want to be listed on that Map section – no?

Achieving local Maps listings is not as straightforward as simply creating a website, Google business page and waiting. Things are a little more intricate than that!

There are a variety of factors that determine both the Maps listings and organic listings. However, we know what they are!

If our clients want to improve their Local Maps listings and organic listings, we’ll advise them to consider integrating Google products with at least an official business listing.

Combining Local Maps in Your Campaigns

As with everything on the internet, the phrases that are used on any platform can significantly help determine what phrases you want to gain rankings for. It’s the same when you’re thinking about the Maps listings, make sure that you incorporate phrases relative to your business. Or, if this is not possible, select phrases that are linked at the business category level.

Local Maps Optimisation Services

We start by examining the products and services that you offer and where your business is located, or if you have multiple locations.

From here, we’re able to construct a plan of action of where you need to be and what needs to be done to get your website there.

Each of the business listings in Google needs to be unique and, in some way, linked to the location. After that, we need to find and obtain suitable places to list your business, on ideal directories.

This builds trust with Google that you’re the right lawyer, accountant, personal trainer or dog walker to be listed into their local maps listings.

Select A Professional Google Maps Optimisation Service

We are professionals with specialised experience in SEO and Google products and are here to assist if you are still beginning with Google marketing.

You will find that there are only a handful of SEO agencies in New Zealand who are aware of how the local Maps listings operate and can manipulate them. By harnessing Google Maps’ local listings as part of your marketing strategy, you will be building a powerful brand across the internet.

Feel free to contact us today to find how we can boost your local Maps listings.

Receiving positive reviews of your business on Google can greatly help how your business is displayed in the local Maps. It is, therefore, essential that you ask satisfied customers to complete a review of your services.