Professional SEO Auditing Services From Weka SEO

Previously mentioned on our Services page, a website audit is one of the first actionable items on our checklist whenever we start a new SEO project. Our analysis will examine both the overall on-page AND off-page perspective of how the search engines perceive your website.

We offer this service as a one-off or as part of our clients’ overall ongoing SEO package. We recommend periodic SEO audits semi-annually for each client.

Before conducting the audit, we will ask you for your main targeted keywords and conduct significant keyword research. This allows us to gauge the ‘ideal on-page’ and ‘ideal off-page’ profiles to work with the search engines, rather than against them.

We will conduct the audit, providing you with the following:

  • A detailed picture of your current SEO status (this will be relative to your competitors)
  • Our recommendations for improvement and increase optimisation levels adhering to the latest technical SEO standards.

A lot of other SEO companies offer a ‘Free SEO Audit’; realistically this isn’t feasible to do it for free — certainly not a detailed search engine optimisation audit. The only way to do it for free is to take your domain and place it to a software that does a scan of your website. There are automated software tools that can do this; we use several to be able to give a starting point for our auditing services. These ‘SEO auditing’ tools will generate generic reports and not look at the overall picture, which requires human intervention.

To complete a detailed audit with an actionable plan, it will take several hours to complete and perhaps a day or two, depending on the size of your website. Any reputable SEO company will not be conducting a full SEO website audit that takes up this level of researches for FREE.

If you ask several ‘SEO Agencies’ for an audit of your website, they are more likely to simply focus on your website. They are unlikely to focus on BOTH on-page and off-page analysis.

Weka SEO will focus on the following:

  • Technical SEO of your website
  • Keyword Research and how those phrases are constructed on your website – the on-page factor
  • The incoming links coming to your website

Only by doing all three are you able to see a complete ‘picture’ of the website, it’s current status, and it’s potential.

The Website Auditing Service That We Offer

Detailed Strategic Audit – We aim to examine as many SEO ranking factors as possible to determine what needs to be done on any website. This is an in-depth study of your website’s SEO status. We will identify existing website problems, find new opportunities, and give recommendations that we know will enhance your websites’ performance.

Our SEO auditing services will be suitable for all websites, whether they are small local businesses or large E-commerce websites. Undoubtedly, it will take more resources and time to examine a website with several thousand pages.

Strategic Auditing by Weka SEO

We are aware that SEO isn’t simply a factor of 1 or 10 items to be checked. There are over 200 ranking factors, and we need to incorporate as many as possible into our process of auditing websites.

What Does Google Search Console and Google Analytics Think?

What better way to start an audit by finding out what Google itself thinks of your website? We need to ensure that your website is connected to both the Google Search Console and Google Analytics. If this isn’t connected already, we shall connect this for you using tracking codes.

(We prefer to create your own Gmail account to operate all Google products)

Google Analytics alerts us on a website’s usage, where visitors come from, and what they do when they get there.

Google Search Console (as known as Webmaster Tools before 2018) allows us to check the index status and optimise the visibility of a website on Google.

Is Your Website Indexed Correctly?

We make a comparison to your extracted website data and that of Google Search Console; do the amount of pages match? Say, if there are 300 pages that our SEO Auditor has collected, how many pages has Google indexed?

Are there any pages missing from the index? If so, why? We need to put a plan together to ensure that all your pages are indexed on Google.

We will look at your website’s sitemap.xml and robots.txt file and ensure that they’re correctly constructed. This will tell the search engines how to read your website. If you do not have these, we will create them for you.

Meta Data Titles, Content, URL Analysis

Part of our keyword research results is to find suitable keywords to be incorporated into your website. Why is this important? We look to see if your URLs have been constructed in the best way possible. This allows them to understand each page and know what phrases you want to rank for.

We will check if there have been any ‘over-optimised’ tactics previously deployed on your website, then de-optimise them. Once we’ve examined the entire website’s structure, we then break down each page: Examining the Meta Title, Meta Description, the header titles, the content and any alt image tags.

We have the target keywords from our keyword research and what keywords are found on your website pages. We need to make sure those keywords are found on each of the targeted web pages on your website.

We aim to avoid keyword cannibalisation, whereby similar pages on a website are targeting the same keywords. This only confuses Google.

The content that is on our clients’ website needs to be unique, and this is something we check for you. If we find that you have content that has been taken from other websites, we will inform you.

You may have content that is too thin (not enough words), or multiple inner URLs linking to a single page with the same anchor text. Both issues need to be addressed and are something we will advise on in our report.

Current Rankings – Where Do You Sit?

An important aspect is to look at where your website is ranking for the targeted keywords now? How else are you meant to be able to value our work and make comparisons to your competitors? This is the most important factor to indicate the success of any SEO campaign.

This is also an opportunity to see possible expansion options.

What Links are Pointing to Your Website

Links are and have always been one of the most important ranking factors, and this factor is not likely to go away anytime soon. We need to find all the links that are pointing to your website.

Our report will include where the link comes from (referring domain), where it links to and what anchor text was used.

We will then provide our strategies for improvements, if necessary.

What Are Your Competitors Doing?

We need to take stock of how well your competitors are doing for the same keywords. We will run a rankings report for their websites, keeping all other variables equal – Ceteris Paribus.

How are they doing, when compared to your website?

The Infrastructure of Your Website

From 2017 onwards, Google has announced that web page loading speed is a deciding ranking factor, and we take this news seriously. Our target is to ensure that the website is loaded within 3 seconds; if not, we examine the causes and look to provide the issues and how to resolve them.

Along with the speed of the website, we need to examine if your website has:

  • Correct mobile structure design – mobile-friendly
  • The URLs are suitable structured
  • There are no 404s
  • All 301 and 302 redirects have been correctly implemented
  • All titles and meta descriptions are within the guideline lengths
  • Any other technical issues

We will provide recommendations to ensure that your website is functioning technically correctly.

Internal Link Assessment

The links that you have on your website, pointing to target landing pages, matter. Why they matter? You may have inadvertently over-optimised a target anchor text to a targeted landing page and caused it to stay stuck on page 2.

This is an area that is often overlooked but is often the cause of websites to stay ranked on page 2.

We will closely look at the internal link structure of your website. We will then suggest plans to use the ‘nofollow’ tag to change the anchor text percentages if need be, or change the anchors themselves.

Detailed Reporting

Once we’ve completed our audit of your website, we will provide a complete and accurate report. This will typically take five business days. It should give you an in-depth understanding of your website’s current position. It’s potential should you wish to take up our on-going SEO services.

Actionable SEO — Results-Based Auditing

Now that you understand the level of investigation we deploy on a detailed and thorough website audit, you’ll realise why it cannot be conducted for free. Would you ask a lawyer to do something for free? Ask them, see what their response is!

Without examining all the above issues, you will have no way to determine the best route plan to increase your business’s presence on the internet.

You need a plan, and that is only possible if you were to contact us and ask about our auditing services.