Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy Services from Weka SEO

We understand that each client is different, and they will need to be approached from a unique angle, each one of them. Not all clients will want to outsource their work to an SEO agency and agree to an ongoing 12- or 24-month full-service agreement.

Your business may need help with a single issue, want a website audit, or simply need expert advice on a particular SEO issue.

Our a la carte services also provide businesses with the option of premium SEO consulting services without the need to commit to a long-term contract.

What Does An SEO Consultant Do?

When you hire an expert in their field of knowledge, you expect them to come with several years of experience in their field. We have over 10 years of combined experience in the world of SEO and marketing a business on the internet.

When you deal with a team with that level of experience, you’ll notice that they can spot issues and deal with them quickly and decisively. They proactively take steps to prevent the negative things from happening and ensure only positive results occur during their tenure.

If you’re a company that believes in quality over quantity, and if you value long-term efforts over short gains, then we are interested in meeting you.

Understanding That SEO is A Long-term Constructive Process

If you’ve been promised SEO results within months of starting a campaign, then you’ve been lied to. This simply isn’t possible. Google’s algorithm has evolved sufficiently to learn from its past mistakes and will not punish those webmasters thinking of taking shortcuts. Success is a long-term option when it comes to SEO. If you think SEO will be a short-term option, then we are not fit for a partnership.

Our model of SEO services is based on placing your business directly in front of people looking for your services. We present your business with qualified leads. We examine your websites content, and its core URL structure. We delve into the target keywords and then audit your website. With this information, we can work with your business to create a unique targeted that caters for your target market.

We can provide SEO success to your business regardless of whether it is large, medium or small.

When you combine a solid business that provides high-quality products, services and our knowledge of SEO, the sky is the limit. There is no boundary to the level of traffic and revenue we can obtain when working together. The ROI from our services is exceptionally high and we would not consider taking you on if we felt that we couldn’t give that level of ROI.

Have you tried conducting SEO on your WordPress website? Tinkering with your on-page content, only to find that it constantly ranks below your competitors?

If you feel that your services and products need additional exposure, then its time to consider using our consulting services to bring your business forward.

Google’s algorithm now caters for businesses who take the long-term approach with their marketing; they concentrate on providing a quality experience for their users. Google will want to find your business if you provide excellent solutions to problems that consumers are searching for. With our experienced experts, your business will be found by the right visitors.

Our SEO Consulting Services for New Zealand Businesses

1. Creating Your SEO Strategy

When you first reach out to us and consider using Weka Search Engine Optimisation consulting services, you may not know exactly what you need to achieve. That’s fine! Provided that you have a suitable budget in mind to use for marketing, we can help you with the planning process and creating a strategy around that budget.

To provide you with a path that gives you the success your business deserves, we need to know your long-term marketing goals.

We will work with your team to develop an achievable marketing plan that would work within your budget on the search engines.

2. Auditing Your Website

We will take an in-depth examination of your website to determine the best course of action. Without conducting an audit, we would not know what needs to be actioned and would be unable to create a blueprint. Every website we investigate is different; a different approach is required so that each of our reviews will be specific to your business.

It is not unusual for a thorough website audit to take more than 25 hours to fully complete and present to you with suitable actionable points that you can work on.

3. Researching Keywords and Website Analysis

It is not uncommon for businesses to be thoroughly aware of the resources required to conduct a detailed analysis of their websites.

We’ll work in conjunction with your in-house team to view the website from a ‘high-level’ perspective. We will create a themed structure throughout your website to work with Googles’ search algorithm, and not against it.

4. Optimising Your Content

The days of keyword stuffing and over-optimising website pages are over. Google wants website pages to be straightforward to read and be written for all levels of users. The content on a web page needs to be written to provide answers to the internet user.

The focus of your content needs to be aimed at the potential consumer of your service or product. Google wants to display high-quality websites at the top of their Search Engine Result Positions (SERPs). That is where we want our clients to be.

5. Comparing Your Competitors Websites

Every business has competition; Apple has Google, J.P. Morgan has Morgan Stanley. If competitors are beating you on the search engines, then they are doing something different because Google prefers their website over your website.

We scrutinise relevant competitor websites to help us understand the keywords that they are targeted and the methods they are using for links.

Examining several competitor websites enables us to find patterns across all the other websites. This gives us an advantage and a guideline for planning the actions required on your website.

6. Auditing Your Backlinks

Backlinks are a fundamental factor in ranking websites. Not all links are created equal and there are better more powerful links than other links. Some links are undesirable and will not benefit your website at all.

There are businesses out there that will purposely look to negatively attack competitor websites. They know how the algorithm functions and how to look to place your website against the algorithm.

This is known as negative SEO; we’ll need to establish if there has been an attack on your website.

When conducting a backlink audit, we will give you suggestions of links that are of lower quality and look to get them removed or advise Google to discredit those links.

7. Building New Links

We aim to find the most suitable locations and natural sources for links to be obtained for your website.

We will need to create links that offer consumers relevant contextual navigation from one source to your website. We can help you find suitable links and then construct a plan on how to obtain those links over time.

8. Ensuring That Quality of Content Continues

Educating and advising one development at a point in time will work, but what if the team change members and the knowledge is lost and not passed on?

We offer periodic retainers for our clients, who wish to receive on-going training and advice.

9. Hiring Suitable SEO Marketing Staff

When your team of developers expands and you hire new marketing employees, you need to ensure that they know what they are doing. We can provide an assessment of the skills and experience by conducting investigation work on your behalf, or taking part in the interview process if required.

We want to ensure that our clients who opt for SEO consulting services have an in-house marketing team. That team can follow our guidelines and ensure that nothing damaging occurs to our online business.

10. Website Tuning Guidance

How is your website presented?

What’s the functionality of the website, how does the user flow when they land on your website?

Are the most suitable Meta Titles and Descriptions in place?

How fast does your website load? Are there any technical issues to consider?

Are there issues with the design from a mobile-perspective, or desktop-perspective?

Initially, we will inspect your website from an SEO mindset, then look at the design and technical issues, to make sure everything is good from Google’s perspective and the user’s point of view.

11. Ranking and Penalty Recovery Process

If you monitor and track your rankings and organic traffic, you might notice periodic drops in levels of traffic occasionally.

This might be caused by an algorithm penalty. It might be a case that your competitors have stepped up their link building efforts and have jumped in front of you on the search engine ranking positions.

The trick is not to panic, and gradually conduct research to find out what the issues are.

Our goal is to determine the cause of the drop in traffic and provide actionable steps to bring the traffic back.

It is normal to see fluctuations in traffic; there shouldn’t be a reason to panic. The trick is to examine the data and links, then see if there is a connection between your positions and your competitors’ positions.

Hiring the Best SEO Consultant for The Job

We want to provide services that go beyond simply SEO Consulting. While our priority will be increasing and maintaining your search engine rankings, we look at your business in its entirety. We want to build long-term, trustworthy relationships with you and your staff.

We want to help to expand your business.

SEO Consulting Pricing

Our hourly consulting fee is $500 an hour.

We bill hourly starting at $500, with a $1500 minimum retainer. Most clients will only need 5-15 hours performed on-site, once your website has been audited thoroughly.

There is generally no additional charge if there are questions after our consultation, or after a project has been completed.

When hiring a search engine optimisation marketing consultant, it is important to consider that you get what you pay for. Our consulting work will provide your team of marketers and developers with a foundation for ranking in Google. It can mean the difference between revenue of $5M and $6M over a year, with our recommended adjustments to your website.

We work with a group of the best SEO consultants on the planet, it would only make sense that your business works among that crowd.

This is why we, Weka SEO, are the best option.